Got the rainbow hair today!

I sorted it out and am going to use the brightest colors (which there are the least of, the really bright ones) on the little fairy and then will use the others (pictures when it’s time) on the other baby :)

DSC_1111I will need another color for the back, am thinking possibly white. I am going to name this baby Niji (rainbow in Japanese), though of course anyone who adopts her can rename her if they wish :)




Progress on the fairies :)

So I started painting the first fairy

DSC_1105Can’t really see any color, I’ve got too many light on it, but it’s about 1/2 done

And have decided which of my current sculpts to use for the second


I’ll be adding ears onto this one, not sure if I’ll sculpt them permanently onto the current ears or if I’ll try to make some as optional add-ons, but I’m thinking about the options.

Bought the rainbow hair for the fairy baby :)

If there’s enough, and the first turns out, I’ll do a second baby. The etsy seller was wonderful and made me a batch of the colors I wanted, yay!!

il_570xN.626444926_fldqI was having trouble deciding on doing the hair in strips or layers anyways, so I could do one of each lol

One will be something like this hair, in strips:

DSC_0008And one will be something like this hair, in layers:rainbow_wig_by_monstrodesigns-d5gq14nI don’t know who made these two dolls, but they are both so cute :)



no motivation

I’m really just feeling blah. I should start a new baby, but that would require cleaning up the nursery (there is no room to do anything at the moment), and I have no motivation to do either.

I want to start a rainbow fairy, but need to find the hair first (I have contacted someone, waiting to hear back). Also have to finish my bundle baby (need to find someone to make the body, have contacted someone about that but no answer yet). I did get little Oliver finished and born :)



babies are coming along :)

so the custom baby was sent home to her mama (hopefully will get there safely tomorrow):

DSC_1087 DSC_1096The red-headed wip is just waiting for hair glue to dry so I can “born” him (he still needs a name), then I’ll post pictures.

My black-haired bundle baby is almost done rooting (finally! LOL), will be putting glue in tonight or tomorrow, then beginning the adventure of creating a body.

Patrick was adopted by a wonderful repeat customer and is getting ready to go home (will be packed today and picked up tomorrow :) )

Thinking of starting a new one, another air dry, have to decide which sculpt to do. It’s between a rainbow-haired/eyed fair fairy and a blonde crier.


WIP hair is 1/2 rooted

I was talking to someone the other day and mentioned my current wip. I had trouble describing the color hair as it’s not carrot but it’s not strawberry either (imo). But whatever color it is, I’m loving it!

DSC_1071 DSC_1072I wasn’t planning on rooting this little one, but everyone I asked thought said that she (or what I thought was a she, but looks boy now) needed rooted hair. I was going through my box, turning down everything I had, until I got to this. I have been wanting to use this hair for a while now, but just didn’t have the right baby for it. Since this is a preemie, I was hesitant to use it and went through the rest of my hair selection but there wasn’t anything else except some very blonde blonde soy hair (which sticks straight up when cut short so is better for longer hair so that wouldn’t work for this preemie). So the red it is, and now I’m glad :)


Trying out new air dry paints :)

So I just finished painting my first baby using the Special Care Nursery air dry paints and I am having mixed feelings.


  • They set quickly, so you can work on the next layer as soon as you’re done with all the parts.
  • It’s really nice not to have to bake and cool between layers.
  • No worrying about the health risks of heating the vinyl, or associated with the paint thinners.
  • Can paint the play dolls now, and not have to worry about if they would melt in the oven.
  • The ones I bought are pre-mixed, so I don’t have to mess around with and worry about if I got the mix right and if the paints will be permanent.


  • They do set quick and permanent, so if I make a mistake or miss something there’s no fixing it. With Genesis Heat Set Paints I had as much time as I wanted.
  • There are a limited amount of colors. I had a ton of different skin tones and other colors with GHSP and am feeling very limited with just a basic set of air dry colors. Plus I don’t have any red or ethnic colors (though there are a few more skin tones available, no reds that I can find), all of the mottling and detailing are purplish.
  • The paint sticks inside the bottle and can’t be mixed in (no matter how much I shake or bang the bottle). Very frustrating, having to shake and bang the bottles to get most of it to mix in every time I use them (even if I just put the bottle back in the drawer an hour ago).
  • They do not react the same way with brushes and sponges, so I am having to teach myself to paint all over again.

I guess most of my cons comes from using GHSP for so many years. If I would have started with the air dry paints, I probably would have thought they were fabulous. As it is, I fell in love with the heat set paints as soon as I used them and just love making my own colors and having all the time I need to try out techniques and then wiping them off if it doesn’t turn out or I change my mind. So the moral of the story is… if you are concerned about your health, but still want to reborn, try out the air dry paints FIRST! lol

If you do decide to try it out, check out Debbie’s (of They Never Grow Up Nursery) tutorial here. Very helpful in showing how to apply the paint, which colors look like what on the doll, and many other tips and ideas :)

Even though I miss my GHSP, I am pretty happy with my first baby (and the hair painting is SO much easier with these paints), so I’m going to stick with it and keep learning :)

This is my preemie, she will be born when I finish up my custom (I will do the weighing and all that together, as I will have to clear off my rooting desk for it and right now I am trying to finish rooting my latest bundle baby.

DSC_1065 DSC_1067


50% off sale!!

From now until Saturday night I will be having a 50% off sale!! :) This is the very lowest it gets in prices for one of my babies, so nab one quick

Patrick ($150) on sale for $75!

This little sweet preemie can also wear most newborn clothing

DSC_0694 DSC_0752


Emmy Lou ($225) is only 112.50!

She wears 0-3 month clothing, measures 20 inches and weighs 5lb, 6oz

DSC_0934 DSC_0936 DSC_0922 DSC_0919I prefer Paypal but also accept USPS money orders, please email me for purchase

Alexia went to the fair!

I was asked if Alexia could be part of the Right To Life display at the fair and I gladly said yes :) Well, I was originally asked if I would face paint and bring whatever babies I had available, but then I was told that there was going to be a different table for the display and that they’d like to put Alexia on that one and they didn’t need Patrick. I’m still going to face paint, on Wednesday (for kid’s day at the fair, free, so come on out), but Alexia will be there all week.

Still working on the custom, though it’s slow going. It was a very busy week with picking up our exchange student and overtime at work. This week is also crazy, but I’m planning on getting some work in on her tonight. Pictures next week!


Acorn going home, new custom wip

DSC_1004Acorn is on his way home to England, hoping to hear he got there safe very soon.

And a new custom is in progress:

DSC_1023She’s actually had a bit more work done since this picture, but not much so I’ll just use this picture.

Needed some color in the house, so my daughters and I painted a rainbow wall in the nursery :) It was a lot of fun and it’s so bright and sparkly (though you can’t see it in the picture, we used some spray glitter that worked really well)!