As you know, sometime this summer I am going to be switching to air dry paints and also going to be switching to a new line/type of my babies: a fair trade line (haven’t come up with a name yet).

I am having difficulty finding items/materials that are fair trade/ethical trade, so I thought I’d see if anyone wants to be enlisted to help.
I have seen several giveaways where people ask for pictures of your favorite dolls or for name ideas or such and think this is a great idea! So here is my giveaway:

I have a new, untouched, Tyler/Trixie kit by Julie Molloy (includes body) that I am giving away.

For every source of a fair trade/ethical trade item that can use for reborning (preemie or newborn-sized baby) you get one entry. No limits:) – as many entries as sources that you can find. The only exclusion is mohair because all mohair is, as far as I know, fair wage because it’s a personal business for the animal owners and the hair processors, so I don’t need any ideas/sources for that, got plenty lol. But I will need paints, brushes, sponges, weighing, bodies, clothing, toys/accessories, and so on.

Winner will be drawn by random drawing on Friday, March 7th, at 11pm.

Updates :)

Alexa is being rooted (1/4 done already) and I am now painting Josephina. No pictures yet, neither is quite ready for that, but I will share more when there’s more done.


I am just loving this baby, she is coming along so sweetly :) Cant’ wait to see her finished.

DSC_0574 DSC_0576This is the first of my last kits, and the red x on my hand is in honor of End It day – to raise awareness of slavery and slave labor in many productions including cocoa, tea, coffee, and cotton. Buy Fair Trade and let the big companies know we won’t stand for slavery.

Stash of kits

So here are the kits that I have:



Trixie (x3)


Emmy Lou

Princess (dog)

So if anyone wants one of these custom-made, they are available after the March deadline until I have started on them. Once they are gone, I will be switching to factory dolls.


Last month accepting portrait custom orders

March is the last month I will accepting portrait custom orders. Ever. After March I will no longer be buying doll kits and so I will no longer be able to do portrait customs. I am keeping the orders open during March so that all the customers who have been discussing possible customs with me will have a chance to finish getting them in, especially those who have paid their deposit but haven’t finished payments for the supplies. But after March I will accept custom orders only on the kits that I have left (next post lists those) and will be reborning those, but then I will not be buying any more doll kits. I will be switching to air dry paints when my kits are gone and only making babies with play dolls found at thrift stores and garage sales and such. Reborning the original definition lol.

This is a personal decision, based on my beliefs and some life changes I am making. I have recently discovered that much of our “stuff” is made by people who do not get paid enough to live on, and by children. Also I have been becoming more and more aware of how blessed we are in all that we have and how many people do not have good shelter, food, clean water, or clothing to wear. And so I have been trying to, little by little, improve my footprint on the world by buying less products made by these fellow people and also to give more to them. It is only by God’s grace (some people would say luck, but I don’t believe in luck) that my children weren’t born into such situations and I would desperately want someone to help them if they were.

So, when my current kits are gone, I will be buying used play dolls and whatever other used products I can (the clothing and toys and such) and be creating babies from those. I will, of course, be sure that everything is clean and no stains, but instead of it going to the dump and polluting the world I will use it and the skills I have been blessed with to create cute reborn babies. :) And the price will be much lower also, as the supplies will cost much less. Win-Win-Win!

The bodies I will have to either learn how to make or find a seamstress who will make them for me with Fair Trade fabric. Cotton is something that uses child labor a lot and so I won’t be buying it new anymore, but all my babies will need new bodies – thankfully there are places that sell Fair Trade fabric where they do not use child labor and they pay their workers a fair price. And I will have to figure out stuffing and such, but I’ve got a while to figure it out since I still have quite a few kits left.

I’ll keep you updated as the time gets closer.

Decorating boxes experiment

Usually I use a regular postal service box and decorate with some stickers, but I wanted to try something dressier. So my last box I wrapped, but am worried it might get messed up in the machines on the way to take the baby home (I just taped, like a present).

Tonight I tried gluing the paper to the box:

DSC_0565but it kept wrinkling and also slightly warped the box.

Then I used some material to make a plush-like box from a shoe box:


And, though you can see a bit of the box on the corners, it turned out really well. But this will be the only one as it was a LOT of work.



Totally forgot!!

I have been hemming and hawing over which kit to work on next. I have the twin fairy/elf sculpts, which I would love to do but they don’t usually sell very well and I need to sell one for supplies. I have the parts for a pup, which I would also love to do, but I don’t have the hair. I also have a few kits that would be cheaper babies but I really was hoping for an inspiring one. And I have another that would be really cute but will need a custom body. So I was looking at my kits, trying to find one that “spoke” to me, and not finding any to start on.

Then I saw one of the bags were marked “”Eliza.” Well, I’m looking at the face of the kit inside and I know that this is not Eliza. So I looked at the back of the neck and it was marked N Blick. So I started looking at Blick kits and presto… She’s Alexa! I totally forgot I had this kit! I pulled out her parts and Oh, I just love the details and have already given her (might turn out boy, but I’ll say her for now) a bath. She will dry until tonight when I will wipe her down and start painting her.

Fed Up

Nikki is just not going well, the vinyl will not cooperate and I’m just tired of trying with it. It’s been quite a while and about 20+ washes and nothing is going right. And so I am putting her up and starting a new baby in the morning.

On the other hand, the custom baby boy is done and ready to go home in the morning :)

Custom cutie!

This little man is just soooo photogenic! I was unable to find an outfit that even slightly resembled the one in his picture (he is a portrait match), but it did have a jungle theme so when I saw this outfit I nabbed it. And then I saw this lion hat/mitten set! He looks adorable in both :)

DSC_0534 DSC_0542 DSC_0543 DSC_0544 DSC_0550You can’t really see his blanket very well, but it’s plush and soft with green, blue, white, and gray squares. The monkey onesie has these colors (though I don’t have any pictures of that right now). I found the monkey toy at a different store and it looks perfect for him :)

messy messy!

What a messy room this is! It’s my nursery/art studio/photo area/box tops&L4E coordinator corner/bedroom and it is MESSY at the moment. But today and tomorrow I have off work, so I will be cleaning like crazy in here. I have boxes that need put in recycling, papers that need filed, birthday presents that need wrapped, and just little things here and there (about a hundred of them) that needs put away in their drawer and not left laying around. Right now I have about a foot of uncovered desktop space – and I have 20 feet of desktop! Going to need a fruit smoothie for an energy boost before tackling this!