Blogging is not my art

Ok, I’m not witty or cute or fabulous, so I’m really not that great at blogging…or even coming up with a title for each post (see a href=””/a for just one example). I don’t blog every day or even every week, so it’s understandable that my readers aren’t perched on the edge of their seat, awaiting my next post.

But lately I’ve been reading a few blogs and, while some I don’t even make it through a single post before nodding off, some are very witty and cute and fabulous, each in their own way. And after reading a few posts from these blogs, my brain begins to think that it, too, can do posts that are lol funny or amazingly wonderful.

The problem is…it’s an illusion. An in-my-head show of words and lights and ideas that never sound the same once written down. And so, though I may blog more often for a while, don’t expect greatness from this blog, only the mediocre ramblings of a reborn artist.

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