wip custom

I’ve been slowly working on my last custom order. This is actually an old picture, the skin tone has more depth and matches now and also more of his shading is done. But I have to wait on the rest of the first payment to be able to order his hair, so there’s no rush.

I would be working on another baby as well, but I’ve been busy with work and also starting a garden. :) Almost done with the garden, just a few more days and I’ll be having more free time in the mornings to work on babies.




been sick over a week, just started feeling a bit better yesterday. plus short several people at work so busy there. will have more work done and pictures soon though

St Patrick’s Day baby boy!

This is Patrick, who was born today at 11:37pm. He is born, but not up for adoption quite yet because he has to get his eye “wet look” gloss before he will be. But when he is, he will be up for adoption for $150. I love his wide-eyed look :)

DSC_0691 DSC_0694

Alexia is born!

Oh, she is just SUCH a sweetheart! She was born tonight at 11:52pm and here are some pictures (not the greatest, with one daylight lamp, but they still turned out pretty good). She is up for adoption for $275.

I’m going to start with her lovely stretched toes:

DSC_0678And then show off a glimpse of her cute pouty lip

DSC_0679And then her hands – oh, I just love the details on this baby!

DSC_0681 DSC_0682She is so cuddly :) and all ready for easter with the little bunnies on her feet





oh no!

I had this gray/black natural mohair mix that I was going to use for the darker tones in the pup (along with the several ounces of white that is the main color) and now I can’t find it! I just had it out last week, I was showing my daughter my idea for the pup, and I cannot remember where I set it down! I’ve searched in my mohair drawer, in the drawer with the pup pieces and pattern for body, and under the stuff on my countertops – nothing :( Guess I’m going to have to clean/search the entire room, though I can’t imagine where else it could be. Sure hope I didn’t accidentally toss it if it was under some paperwork that I had thrown away! I will have to dump/search my trash in here also – good thing it’s all paper and sponges lol. Oh, I sure hope I find it, please pray!

Pup’s tail in progress

A dear reborner sent me this silicone tail along with a pattern for the pup’s body, she is such a sweetie. But wow, I had no idea how hard it is to root a silicone tail! The silicone itself is actually very easy to root, but it keeps flopping around (it’s gonna be a wagging tail lol) and so it hard to get it pinned down to root. However, the mohair and tail is slowly coming along (I got about an inch done) and I’ll keep ya’ll updated :)

Coming along :)

Lots of babies are coming along! The hair on Alexia is done being rooted, so she just needs eyebrows (I can’t believe I forgot them lol – thank goodness for heat guns!) and her glue to dry, then she’ll be ready to be put together.

Josephina (was is looking more and more like a boy, so I’ll need a new name – any suggestions?) is almost done with his painting. Since he will be bald, he’ll be ready to be put together after some end details (eyebrows, painted lashes, nails).

Ordered supplies for a custom today. One of my customers who have been talking about a custom for a while now has placed her order and sent the first payment, so I was able to place an order for parts and such. This might be my last custom, but I can’t say for sure since it’s only the 9th and everyone who has been talking about/thinking about a custom has until the end of the month.

I still have to find a place that has fur fabric (fake fur, of course), for the pup, but I do have three local places I can check. Hope one of them has it and I don’t have to drive an hour for it.


Giveaway winner

I was having a giveaway this week, for a Tyler/Trixie kit. For every one source/idea of a fair trade/ethic wage item (not the item, just an idea or source of where I could buy one from), the person got an entry. All together I had 24 entries and tonight I used a random number generator to choose one. It picked… Amanda Christopher! :) Congrats and I will mail your kit out this coming week.

Pictures of wip

Alexia is getting hair and is 3/4 done! Just have to bring it around her face a bit more and do a last area on the other side of her head:

DSC_0594And Josephina is coming along very nicely too:





Got the supplies for the pup!

Well, I got most of the supplies. I have the mohair, body parts, tail, and am ready to go get the body fur. I’m so excited to reborn my first (and probably only, as I am not doing kits anymore) puppy! I will be using the Princess sculpt and making a Shih Tzu puppy, using this picture as a model:

Untitled 1Isn’t he so cute?! I have the white mohair, the brown, and then the grey/black mix. This will be a LOT of rooting, but I think he will be well worth it in the end :)

Since this pup will be so much rooting, I am going to finish rooting Alexa and then I will leave my other wip (Josephina) as a baldie and start rooting the pup. Anyone have any ideas for puppy names? Not sure if it will be a boy or girl yet, I might be putting the cart first here in thinking about names lol.

I’ll post pictures of all wip as they progress, of course.